My 2010 Edinburgh talks and other Edinburgh AG happenings

I’ll be speaking in Edinburgh twice in the next few months.

On 19 February at 4.30 pm, I’ll speak at a meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society on “The Hodge Conjecture: A relative newcomer’s view of the history of the Hodge conjecture and attempts to prove it, ending with an overview of the state of the conjecture (and related problems) today.” The goal is to be of interest to a general (i.e. expert at lots of different things) mathematical audience. I don’t know the precise location yet, but it’s in Edinburgh.

Between 6 and 9 April, I’ll speak in the special algebraic geometry session of the British Mathematical Colloquium on “Deforming divisors”. Other speakers in the session are Klaus Altmann, Tom Bridgeland, Tom Coates, Chris Hacon (who is also giving a plenary talk), and Yuri Prokhorov. The organizers of the session are Ivan Cheltsov, Alastair Craw and Miles Reid.

[UPDATE: At the BMC, I will talk about “Deformations of Fano varieties: We study which properties of a Fano variety remain unchanged when the variety is deformed. For example, the set of (-1)-curves on a del Pezzo surface remains constant. Some generalizations of this fact hold in all dimensions, by Wisniewski and de Fernex & Hacon, but we show that the nef cone need not remain constant in dimension at least 4.”]

Finally, other things of particular interest to algebraic geometers will be going on in Edinburgh.

During 29-30 March and 14-15 May, there will be a two-part workshop on Subgroups of Cremona Groups, organized by Ivan Cheltsov. Part 1 has such visitors as Prokhorov and Serre, Part 2 Dolgachev and Prokhorov. (Anyone is welcome to attend, but limited funding means that they can’t contribute to travel or living expenses.)

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