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Philip Leverhulme Prizes 2010

Mathematics and Statistics is one of five disciplines covered by the 2010 Philip Leverhulme Prizes.  Full information is available here.

To heads of department: You will be the official nominator of anyone in your department. I’d suggest thinking carefully about whether you have someone who would be a suitable nominee.

To potential nominees: This appears to be a nice prize. The award is £70,000, paid to your employing institution or organisation in two installments. You can typically spend the money on research assistance, teaching replacement, travel and subsistence, consumables (including specialist books, databases and similar materials), technical and clerical support, or computing and software. You can’t use it for capital equipment, to boost your salary, or for institutional overheads. The US equivalent is probably the Sloan Research Fellowships.

However, you must be under age 36 on 17 May 2010 (with some allowance for career change or break; see the Leverhulme site for details).

The closing date is 4pm on Monday 17 May 2010.

The prizes have been going since 2001, and Mathematics and Statistics was an eligible discipline in 2004, 2006 and 2008. In those years, prizes were awarded to (affiliations at the time):

Steve Brooks (Cambridge)
Darren Crowdy (Imperial)
Matthew Keeling (Warwick)
Jens Marklof (Bristol)
Vladimir Markovic (Warwick)
Richard Thomas (Imperial)
Ben Green (Cambridge)
Marc Lackenby (Oxford)
Pierre Tarres (Oxford)
Peter Topping (Warwick)
Andrei Yafaev (UCL)
Marianna Csornyei (UCL)
Martin Hairer (Warwick)
Harald Helfgott (Bristol)
Jared Tanner (Edinburgh)
Andreas Winter (Bristol)

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Travel grants for ICM 2010 from the LMS

The London Mathematical Society has available grants to contribute to the costs of attending the ICM in Hyderabad this year. The application form is available here. Click the link “Travel grants for the 2010 ICM”.

You don’t have to be an LMS member. (But we’d like more members, so please think about joining. The LMS does a lot to support mathematics directly, and these grants are one example.)

The deadline is 30 April 2010.

Here are the guidance notes reproduced from the form. Don’t worry too much about #1 if you didn’t know about the Royal Society funding in time to apply for it.

1. Those who are eligible to apply to the Royal Society for an International Travel Grant
( are first expected to do so before applying to the LMS.

2. Those who are not eligible for a Royal Society grant, or were unsuccessful in obtaining one, can use this form to apply for an LMS grant to providing they are (i) based in the UK, and (ii) involved in mathematics at postdoc level or above. The Grants are intended to contribute to the costs of attending the ICM, not to meet them entirely. You do not need to be an LMS member to apply for an LMS grant.

3. Part A of the form should be completed by the applicant; the form should then be passed to a Head of Dept or other senior person for the completion of Part B and submission of the form to the LMS.

4. Applications should be submitted by 30 April 2010 and will be acknowledged by email. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by mid May.

5. Completed forms should be sent to:
Isabelle Robinson
ICM Grants
London Mathematical Society
De Morgan House
57-58 Russell Square
London WC1B 4HS

6. Queries should be addressed to Isabelle Robinson (email., tel. 020 7291 9977)

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