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Post-volcanic COW: 6th May

On Thursday May 6th, Grigory Mikhalkin and Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk will speak in the Cambridge COW algebraic geometry seminar. Talks will be held in Meeting Room 13 in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Clarkson Road, Cambridge, with pub/dinner afterward. Everyone is welcome!

More details, including how to claim travel expenses, are available from the COW website: here.

Thursday 6th May
2.30pm: Grigory Mikhalkin (Geneva). Tropical (p,q)-cycles.
3.30pm: Tea.
4.30pm: Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk (Purdue). Resolution algorithm in characteristic zero and its possible extension to positive characteristic.

Mikhalkin’s abstract:
Real 1-parametric families of complex manifolds have limits collapsing to certain polyhedral complexes called tropical varieties. Tropical structure of these limits is responsible for asymptotics of the collapse.

Tropical varieties are simple enough to visualize easily. Yet their homology theories reflect the Hodge structure of the collapsing family. These theories agree with the classical mixed Hodge structures in the case when the real 1-parametric families can be extended to the complex domain.

The talk will review some basic tropical notions and will be illustrated with a few examples.

Wlodarczyk’s abstract:
We discuss the basic ideas of the Hironaka algorithm for the resolution of singularities of algebraic varieties in characteristic zero and its extension to positive characteristic.

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ICM grants from the LMS: PhD students etc.

A new announcement from the London Mathematical Society below. Note the expansion in who is eligible and the 30 April deadline.
International Congress of Mathematics 2010, London Mathematical Society travel grants
  • The London Mathematical Society has set aside funds to be used for making grants to support the attendance of UK-based mathematicians at the ICM in Hyderabad from 19-27 August 2010 ( The grants are not to support attendance at Satellite meetings.
  • The Society would particularly like to support those mathematicians at an early stage in their career, including postdocs. PhD students whose research would benefit from attending the meeting may also apply but their applications should be strongly supported, with a clear mathematical case, by their supervisor. You do not need to be an LMS member to apply.
  • Those who are not eligible for a Royal Society travel grant, or were unsuccessful in obtaining one (refers to applications submitted for their 1st February deadline only), can apply for an LMS grant to providing they are (i) based in the UK, and (ii) involved in mathematics at PhD level or above. The Grants are intended to contribute to the costs of attending the ICM, not to meet them entirely.
  • Applications should be submitted by 30 April 2010 and will be acknowledged by email. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by mid May.
  • Queries should be addressed to Isabelle Robinson (email, tel. 020 7291 9977).

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