Past Mordell Lecturers

I’ve reconstructed the history of the Mordell Lectureship, but there are some gaps, which perhaps others can fill. The gap in 1970 might mean that appointment of a lecturer was deferred, but the gap from 1991 to 1997 (if the rules were followed) must have had some lecturers in it. And I’m missing most titles before 1998, when the University Reporter went online.

Update: A source has supplied the missing names of speakers.
Update (2017): Speakers since 2011 now added.

1970   J. W. S. Cassels
1971   C. A. Rogers
1972   Oscar Zariski
1973   Paul Halmos
1974   Michael Atiyah
1975   Fritz Hirzebruch
1976   Kai Lai Chung, Theta functions from Brownian excursions
1977   Gustave Choquet
1978   Jacques Tits, Rigidity
1979   Paul Erdös
1980   Donald J. Lewis
1981   Gilbert Baumslag
1982   Jean Pierre Kahane
1983   S. J. Taylor
1984   André Haefliger
1985   John Coates
1986   Donald Burkholder
1987   Vaughan Jones
1988   Alan Baker
1989   J. A. Green
1990   Alexander Schrijver
1991   Simon Donaldson
1992   Gisbert Wustholz
1993   Nicholas Varopoulos
1994   Jean-Yves Girard
1995   László Lovász
1996   Andrew Wiles
1997   Cliff Taubes
1998   Johan de Jong, Curves over finite fields and Galois representations
1999   Don Zagier, Mock modular forms, Maass modular forms, and true modular forms
2000   Cameron Gordon, The classification of knots
2001   David Aldous, Mathematical probability: some topics we do understand and some we don’t
2002   Yakov Eliashberg, Symplectic field theory: its structure and applications
2003   Mike Hopkins, Algebraic topology and modular forms
2004   Noga Alon, Polynomials in discrete mathematics
2005   Peter Sarnak, The Ramanujan conjecture and its generalizations
2006   Vitaly Bergelson, Ergodic theorems along polynomials: from combinatorial applications to challenges for physicists
2007   Demetrios Christodoulou, Acoustical spacetime geometry and shock formation
2008   Tobias Colding, Geometric PDE
2009   Anatole Katok, KAM and rigidity
2010   Lectureship deferred
2011   Alex Lubotzky, Short presentations of finite groups
2012   Paul Seidel, Categorical dynamics
2014   Alex Eskin, The SL(2,R) action on moduli space
2015   Daniel Spielman, The solution of the Kadison-Singer problem
2016   Dana Scott, Why mathematical proof?
2017   Laura DeMarco, Complex dynamics and elliptic curves

The Mordell Lectureship was established in honor of Louis Mordell, Sadleirian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. He was also an undergraduate at Cambridge, and the New York Times in 1909 had a short item about him:

MORDELL CARRIES HONORS MODESTLY; American Winner of Cambridge Wranglership Admits Being Erratic Student. DECLINED TO HAVE A COACH Only Studied When in the Mood — Believes in Plenty of Exercise and Is Fond of Tennis and Swimming.

Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
June 20, 1909,

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