LMS ballots have been sent; ballots due 10-Nov-2011

If you’re a member of the London Mathematical Society, you should have received your ballot for the 2011 election. Completed ballot papers must be returned to the LMS by Thursday 10 November 2011.

If you haven’t received your ballot, and you think you should have, please get in touch with Fiona Nixon, the LMS executive secretary, at fiona.nixon@lms.ac.uk.

You can see the list of candidates on the LMS website.

Candidates were allowed 200-word personal statements. These were sent with the ballots, but don’t seem to have been posted anywhere by the LMS. You can see my statement as part of an earlier post on this blog.

If you’re not a member of the LMS, but are a UK-based mathematical scientist, please think about joining. The value of LMS activities is felt by all UK-based mathematicians, members and nonmembers alike, but the LMS needs members if it’s to be most effective.

The small, flexible, low-bureaucracy grants that the LMS provides — to members and nonmembers alike — are becoming especially important as the research councils move towards longer, larger, highly “shaped” funding streams. On the policy front, the LMS — both directly and through the Council for Mathematical Sciences (which the LMS part funds) — has been very active and persistent in questioning EPSRC policy and practice and in putting the views of mathematical scientists to the policymakers. On the educational front, this year the LMS brought Emmanuel Candes to the UK to offer a one-week course on compressed sensing. This course was open to members and nonmembers alike, and drew over 100 young UK scientists from mathematics, statistics, and engineering departments. The lectures are now available on video, so everyone can benefit. Next year, the LMS will bring Alexei Borodin here for lectures on probability and its applications in representation theory.

Isn’t this an organization that you want to be part of?

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