“Post-docs do not meet the ‘acknowledged standing’ criterion,” says EPSRC

A colleague writes about a pronouncement from EPSRC that is, I guess, consistent with an attitude that post-docs can’t matter. Does anyone know whether NSF has a similar rule? (One wants to benchmark against a best-practice funding body.)

Dear Burt,

I’ve just had a frustrating and infuriating encounter with EPSRC. They’ve told me that it is a standard rule that grant money cannot be used to invite people who are at the postdoctoral level or below. If you weren’t already familiar with this rule then perhaps it deserves to be added to the litany of complains about EPSRC. We have no postdoctoral fellowship and we can’t even have postdoctoral visitors.

The ruling from EPSRC is quoted below:

The guidance on the EPSRC website for visiting researchers states “We can provide funding for research scientists and engineers of acknowledged standing to visit a UK research organisation. The visiting researcher can be from anywhere in the world, including the UK.” It has always been the policy of the EPSRC that students and post-docs do not meet the ‘acknowledged standing’ criterion so they are ineligible to be visiting researchers. The original request was considered by the Mathematics programme.

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One response to ““Post-docs do not meet the ‘acknowledged standing’ criterion,” says EPSRC

  1. Dear Burt,

    I don’t believe that the NSF has any such rule. Indeed, I have used NSF funds to pay for visitors (e.g. seminar speakers), and they are post-docs as often as not (or even grad students; I can’t say for sure that I’ve paid
    for a grad student visitor with NSF funds, but I wouldn’t think twice about
    it if it was scientifically justified, or at least, I wouldn’t have, before reading
    this post and wondering if the NSF does have rules about this).



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