EPSRC postdoctoral fellowships (finally)

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Council announced this week that mathematical scientists at all levels (Postdoctoral, Early Career, or Established) who do “Intradisciplinary Research” can apply for fellowships. Intradisciplinary Research means any research which brings together techniques from different areas of mathematics. The best mathematical research does exactly that, and so I strongly advise mathematicians in the UK (or mathematicians interested in coming to the UK) to apply for these fellowships.

From July 2011 until this week, EPSRC only allowed applications for postdoctoral fellowships in one of its 12 subareas of the mathematical sciences. The new policy is a big step toward the goal which scientists have argued for: funding the best research.

Some details: EPSRC’s web page says that the decisions on fellowships will be made twice per year, in January/February and in July. They say you need to apply at least 4 months ahead of those dates, to allow time for your application to be refereed; so (as I read this) you should apply by the end of September 2012. Applicants can be of any nationality.

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