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I am trying out Open Access — UPDATE — 2nd UPDATE

My paper has been published in Forum of Mathematics Sigma (open the paper as a pdf file).

My paper, On the integral Hodge and Tate conjectures over a number field, has now — after minor revision — been accepted by Forum of Mathematics Sigma, and should be appearing shortly. On the web, lots of people seem to conflate the open access model with editorial slapdashery. As you’d expect from the editorial board, there was no sign of that in my experience with FOM. I received two serious and helpful referee reports. Among other helpful recommendations, one referee pointed me to a very relevant reference that I didn’t even know existed, and the other referee pointed out that I didn’t understand a formula that I’d thought I understood pretty well.

Original from 19 December 2012
The title of this post is, of course, an exaggeration: I already have some version of nearly all my papers on my department webpage and now diligently post new papers on the arXiv. What I mean is that I’ve submitted a paper to one of the new Open Access journals launched by Cambridge University Press, in my case Forum of Mathematics Sigma, where the algebraic geometry strand is edited by Sebastien Boucksom, Ravi Vakil, and Claire Voisin. Sigma has other strands — the nearby algebra strand is edited by Dennis Gaitsgory, Raphaël Rouquier, and Catharina Stroppel. (There is also a second journal, Forum of Mathematics Pi, for papers of broad interest.)

The journals are meant to investigate whether mainstream Open Access can be a large-scale solution in mathematics to the problem of the increasingly expensive subscription model, and there is meant to be no corner-cutting on editorial integrity or publishing standards. Since, to really put this to the test, there needs to be serious volume I thought I’d do my bit to send some their way.


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