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IAS: getting settled

Using the study in Institute housing

As we start the second week of the fall term at the Institute, the backbone for the Topology of Algebraic Varieties program has been settled. (This forms a small subset of all the relevant mathematical activities at the Institute and the university.)

The regular weekly round of program activities is:
11:00 am Preprint seminar, organized by János Kollár
2:00 pm Talk 1 of the double seminar joint with Princeton
3:30 pm Talk 2 of the double seminar joint with Princeton

11:15 am Program seminar

Some specific events of interest are:
Workshop on Fundamental Groups and Periods, IAS, October 13–17
Barry Mazur: Minerva Lectures, Princeton University, October 14, 15, 17
AGNES, University of Pennsylvania, October 31–November 2

Details and more information on program activities are available on the Institute website and on the informal program website.

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