Algebraic Geometry 2015

craig-armstrong-climbing-adopted-cat-millie-6-600x799Algebraic geometry is fortunate to have the established tradition of a major discipline-spanning meeting every decade. The next such meeting will be held in Utah from July 12th to August 1st, 2015, with a preceding graduate student bootcamp from July 6th to 10th.

Registration is now open, with a deadline of January 15th, 2015.

I am organizing a seminar in the third week, with the following speakers:
Aravind Asok, Joseph Ayoub, Nicolas Bergeron, Patrick Brosnan, Aise Johan de Jong, Moritz Kerz, Bruno Klingler, Max Lieblich, Alena Pirutka, Shuji Saito, Christian Schnell, Zhiyu Tian

Photo from pechanga on instagram, via Millie, the Brave Rock Climbing Cat.

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