ELGA @ IMPA, 1–12 June 2015

rio-catThe Second Latin American School of Algebraic Geometry and Applications (II ELGA) will take place from June 1st to 12th, 2015, at Hotel La Plage, Cabo Frio, State of Rio de Janeiro.

The goal of this CIMPA research school is to train young mathematicians working in Latin America in some of the most active areas of research in algebraic geometry, as well as to promote greater interaction among researchers and students, and to build a network of collaborations. The first week of the school will consist of four mini-courses covering different aspects of algebraic geometry, all taught in English. (I will be giving a course about the integral Hodge conjecture.) There will also be poster presentations by young researchers and students. The second week will consist of research talks by leading specialists, as well as presentations by young researchers.

Registration is open, with a deadline of January 18th, 2015, for participants from outside Brazil.

Photo: A cat dressed in a fancy costume with its owner at the animal carnival parade at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. AFP photo/Christophe Simon, via Hindustan Times.


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2 responses to “ELGA @ IMPA, 1–12 June 2015

  1. Artie Prendergast-Smith

    (Sorry, let me try that again.)

    Dear Burt, a bit off-topic, but I must say that I’m very pleased with the increasing catification of your blog. I particularly liked the cat representation of the editorial board of JKT packing their bags and leaving for AKT.

    Best wishes,

    • Burt Totaro

      Thus testing the hypothesis that anything worth posting can be suitably illustrated via cats — similar to the fact that for any situation in life, there is a Simpsons incident that expresses the gist of it.

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