Drama by math department standards

    He eschews job offers from prestigious East Coast institutions in favor of a relaxed, no-drama department in a place where he can enjoy the weather. — NYT on Terry Tao

Number theorist questions algebraist’s notation.
French mathematician writes paper in French.
Seminar speaker has not stated theorem with 5 minutes remaining.
Geometer attends statistics talk.
Blackboard erasers disappear. Reappear after cleaning.
Colloquium speaker is a vegetarian.
Probabilist volunteers to teach analysis.

— Guest post


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2 responses to “Drama by math department standards

  1. allenknutson

    When I was a UCSC grad student there were intradepartmental lawsuits going on. So it’s not an East Coast / West Coast thing, anyway.

    • Burt Totaro

      I wonder whether the reporter had anything in mind. I do find the UCLA department notably congenial — faculty, staff, and students — but I don’t think math departments in general are hotbeds of politicking and backstabbing.

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