Petition against cuts at the University of Leicester

The large majority of faculty in the mathematics department at the University of Leicester (in England) are being forced to re-apply for their jobs, on roughly one month’s notice. Of the 21 permanent faculty, 6 will not be re-appointed. (More details are available on Tim Gowers’s blog.)

The rationale offered by management for the cuts is a large predicted budget deficit across the University, but mathematics will suffer disproportionately: the plan is for 4.5% funding cuts overall, but more like 20% to the mathematics department. (In any case, analysis by the University and College Union disputes management’s financial claims.)

One central issue here is that universities operate on a long time scale. It takes decades to build a strong university, but only a few months to lose the confidence of students and faculty. Leicester administrators are acting with a speed and recklessness that would hardly be acceptable in the corporate world, let alone in higher education. The university needs to pause and rethink its whole plan, for mathematics as well as for other departments.

Please sign the petition, calling for these measures to be stopped.

Thanks to Artie Prendergast-Smith for alerting me to this story.

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