IMG00096-20120201-1340Hammer Museum, Wilshire & Westwood

UCLA Film and Television Archive, holds screenings in the Billy Wilder Theatre at the Hammer

Fowler Museum, UCLA campus

UCLA weather

LA Metro (there is lots of public transportation in LA)

LAX Flyaway Bus: sadly this no longer exists

In the future . . . The Purple Line

In the past . . . early views of UCLA and Westwood

Heull Howser visits Westwood


Name that Los Angeles neighborhood (The Awl)
Ghost Streets of Los Angeles (BldgBlog)

Taking LA’s Helicopter Noise Seriously (City Watch)
LA Helicopter Noise Complaint System

View from LHS
AC Transit 65

—– SEO sandbox —–

Eric D. Kolaczyk, Topics at the Frontier of Statistics and Network Analysis: (Re)Visiting the Foundations, SemStat 2017 (Cambridge 2017).

Alberto Roverato, Graphical Models for Categorical Data, SemStat 2017 (Cambridge, 2017).

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